Manage Campus for the growth of Students and School

Campus Management System provides a comprehensive solution to manage a campus by connecting Students, Parents, Teachers and the Management to derive maximum benefit for all.


  • Personalized features for Student, Parent, Teacher, Principal, Admin
  • E-Learning
  • Automated/Customizable Class Scheduling
  • Custom Fee Management and Dues Management
  • Student Promotion Automation
  • Student/Staff Attendance
  • Online Exams and Evaluation
  • Individual Student Reports
  • SMS, Email, Payment Gateway integration
  • Smart card integration
  • Mobile Integration
  • Event Management


  • Single window for Complete School/Student/Teacher information
  • Robust Fee/Due Management
  • Class/Student/Staff Monitoring and Performance Tracking
  • Available on Cloud and On premise
  • Notification to make stakeholders aware of happenings
  • Highly Scalable System, yet simple to use
  • Latest Technology
  • Teacher-Student, Teacher-Parent Interaction
  • Online Courses, Exams
  • Cost Effective